Actively engaged since its establishment in 2006 in areas such as prejudice, discrimination, stigmatizaion, hate speech, hate crimes, police violence, ill treatment and torture, societal ostracism that trans individuals have been heavily and systematically subjected to, Turkey’s first trans rights association Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association continues to discuss the problems that trans individuals experience, offer solutions to these problems, form strategies and ultimately struggle for trans rights with its event titled “Trans Individuals Who Suffered From Hate Crimes Commemoration Week”, which will be held for the 7th time, and invites all those interested to its activities.

Aiming to raise awareness regarding hate crimes against trans individuals through activities in 9 provinces throughout November within the scope of the event held for the 7th time, Pink Life has designated the theme of this year’s “Trans Individuals Who Suffered From Hate Crimes Commemoration Week” as “Media”, the double-sided mirror of hate crimes and speech. Aside from panels in which topics such as the presentation of hate crimes in the media, the role of the media in preventing hate crimes, and the forms of hate speech in the media will be discussed together with LGBTI activists from 12 provinces, there will be debates on trans hate murders and transfeminism in the context of gender-based violence.